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  • Haha :) I’m mainly desktop so I always had pretty strong ‘iOS impulse purchase’ defence system cos my main focus is elsewhere. And even before I got an iPad I was already in ‘damn, I have too much software to ever totally learn/utilise it all’ mode. If something doesnt blow me away or clearly tick a box for me then I…
  • Lol. We know you don’t use Bm3 dude. Message received loud and clear now ;)
  • I’ve got enough apps now for what I want out of iOS. Just waiting for them all to work well together :/
  • Edit - deleted, wrong thread.
  • Saturation is probably increasingly a factor. So many tools available and constantly released to make music with these days. People only really ‘need’ a handful. Takes them a while to find out what those are. But after that, purchases tend to be only stuff they see as being close to perfect. Or cheap.
  • i love Bm3. It’s an iOS powerhouse. Ns2 has different strengths (obsidian, track lanes etc). I’ll use either, depending on what I wanna do. Definite learning curve and new muscle memory involved in Bm3 though compared to most other daws that are basically all the same.
  • Well yeah, but if you don’t really want something then I’d suggest not buying it at all, not just buying it because it’s on sale ;) Too many toys and not enough hours in the day. Better to just buy/focus on things that excite you. People that ‘really’ want Bm3 or ns2 are going to buy it whenever the urge hits them, whether…
  • I doubt it’s a really significant sign of unforeseen poor sales. I would have thought Matt wasn’t expecting to sell masses of units. It’s not like ns1 era. A lot of people are settled in to other daws now. And No audio tracks is probably about as big a turn-off that a daw could have for a lot of people. He’s probably…
  • Sales are sales. Plenty of other devs use them, even the big hitters like Moog etc. I don’t really see any problem with it.
  • Lock it upppppppp! :)
  • :) Peace on earth...let’s do it!
  • For the love of god....
  • I’m past caring right now to be honest dude ;) Was literally just saying, ‘if the SPA fix is done, please release it. Don’t hold it back while working on a ton of other stuff’. But of course this isn’t the kind of forum where people can say stuff like that without a federal court case.... Most of the rest of this thread I…
  • @dendy can you maybe start a Drez vs Flocks thread and move all the junk in there? Feel like the actual points people have made (both for and against) are now just haze behind the ‘hey look it’s drez on an unhinged derail!’ show.
  • Lol. You’re actually carrying on! Hahahaha! I’m embarrassed for you but also kind of enjoying picturing you spending time on this. Continue, please...
  • Why does everything get turned in to twisted semantics and irrelevant plot twists/comparisons :/ ‘plenty’ just means ‘plenty’. Not majority. Not minority. Not a specific percentage. Just plenty. Which is subjective and relative I guess, but if anyone’s really that interested to find out exactly then maybe a few hours…
  • Congrats drez. You win the ‘weirdest, saddest and most irrelvant post of the day’ prize. Maybe I had change of heart and changed my rating? Maybe I’ll now change it back to prove a point? Maybe I never rated it at all? Maybe I never even bought it? Maybe who cares? Have fun on your uncomfortably creepy, stalkerish…
  • Go read audiobus forum. Or Beatmaker 3 discord. Not everyone is stoked on it. Either with certain implementations or issues like this one. Drez saying only satisfied customers. Im just saying that’s not the case in reality at all outside of this forum. Im one. That dude on here that said he stopped using it is another. I…
  • 😂 yeah, surefire recipe for success right there... release something that has compatibility issues, take people’s money, then go on indefinite vacation. Great advice! All you see are satisfied customers? Maybe spend some time on other forums outside of this bubble. PLENTY of complaints/issues/non-sales out there..
  • I hope Matt doesn’t burn himself out too. I’ve done that myself on a couple projects over the years. Not fun. Bad times. But after you charge $$ for something it enters a different phase and customers are justified to expect the advertised functionality/compatibility. Matt already said this one was easy so shouldn’t be a…
  • Ns2 doesn’t work with a bunch of 3rd party stuff atm. Vibe around here is ‘so what, obsidian is sooo efficient, just don’t use other plugins and employ workarounds’. No one seems to feel urgent, short changed or vocally pissed about the compatibility issues so I doubt it’ll get fixed any time soon. Your apps are great in…
  • Type of app is irrelevant. Process of submitting to store is same for all devs. Didn’t know some of the newer daws had been knocking out rapid small updates, but cool, there you go, guess it’s a feasible suggestion with precedent and I’m not a warped arsehole after all ;)
  • 😂 Great story bro 😂
  • People are missing context here. Matt said this fix was done but he was planning to release an update with various other fixes too. I’m saying ‘imho just push out whatever fixes are ready’. That isn’t being impatient, that’s just questioning the gameplan and saying ‘yo, imho SOME fixes now, are better than NO fixes…
  • 😆 glad you figured it out 😆
  • 😆 yeah, really ‘crazy’ 😆 did you try it? Was it reeeeeally crazy?
  • 😆 You’ll be ok.
  • These 3rd party compatibility issues need addressing ASAP by Blip. SPA and ReSlice are two of my most used AU in other hosts :(
  • Lot of valid points. But still ns2 is the only host that isn’t compatible with spa. Even after the fix is announced as ‘simple’ a month ago. And a lot of the reasoning as to why the fix hasn’t been released just makes me think that ns2 progress in general is going to be very, very slow.