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  • @Cray23 Have not been on here for a while. I'm just seeing your message. Thanks a lot!
  • Thanks for listening to my music and thanks for the feedback, @bobheads ! Much appreciated. If you’re a newbie to mixing, I’m whatever comes before that. I haven’t really started learning that part, but I’m looking forward to it.
  • From what I was able to observe, Blocs Wave restricts you to 4/4 time signature. I like to work in 3/4, 5/4, 7/4 and so on. So.....the quest continues.
  • Hopefully, we can all agree that synchrony is a pretty important feature when it comes to composing music. And again as @Stiksi pointed out my vocals basically never begin on the one. It's a very rare case when they do. Also, I haven't found the reverb settings for samples/drum pads to have the range and intuitive…
  • Thank you!!!! I’ll try this.
  • Yes, it is exactly as @Stiksi describes. That’s the issue. And it actually significantly influences workflow. I’m glad he could describe it because I actually didn’t have the precise words. (Sorry for this long delay in responding. I didn’t realize that anyone else had responded to my question.) Another change I’ve found…
  • Thanks, again. I actually have AudioShare, but haven't been using it for anything like this. Anyway, the learning journey continues.
  • Any recommendations or favorites?
  • Thank you for the response! It's helpful enough just to know that I'm not missing something. Syncing and effects were easier on the old version. That being said, I still love this version.
  • Thanks, a lot, Trigger! Look forward to getting back to a PC in 2 days, so I can download this and work with it. Much appreciated. And thanks, @dendy. Even seeing an approximation will give a hands-on model that will help others with doing the same thing.