Cray23 - Fantastic Voyage

Made in nanostudio 2 with korvpressor, Blackhole, fav chorus, Stark, pure acid, equaliser. Enjoy!;)


  • Wonderful tune to get my blood pumping and shake me out of a mid-afternoon haze. That thumping beat, that awesome dirty bass and those squealy synths. This is going on repeat.

  • Just listened to that on YouTube, banging track and excellent production! 👍🏻😁

  • @peanut_gallery @nu2moro thanks guys for your nice comments;) I’m happy that you enjoyed it ;)

  • edited January 2020

    Wow that was really fantastic voyage :-) But now i have to rename one of my tracks i'm finishing for new album, cause i named it "ultimate voyage" :-D :-D

    That initial deep bass sound is MASSIVE !! Just guessing - did you used Obsidian > Wavetable Osc > HUM wave for it ?

    There is lot of changed and stuff happening in this track (which is standard in all your track) - which i really like.

    btw. that intro reminded me a bit Crystal Method - Busy Child. Not that it would sound like copy, definitely not, just simply somehow i remembered this song which i didn't hear for many years ...

    Anyway, this is starting to be boring - every new track you make is great :))) Can you please at least one time make some crap ? Just to have some change here :-D :-D

    Maybe small comment: I would add a little bit around 100hz to kick, i would probably sound better with more punch.

  • @dendy ohh you can definitely keep that name after all it’s ultimate voyage;) and I have pinched it from old school film of same name. Originally it was called Enter but I always change that after is done and it was sort of marking my 35th year of my existence As fantastic voyage:DDD

    That deep bass is just osc1 - saw osc2 - sine
    With bit of some modulation and pitchbend range at 24 with Stark on the top of it;) so it starts on f# and I pitchbend that 24 semi down in half of that note duration

    I’ll give a listen to that crystal method tune as I’m not sure I heard it, I know about them pretty much since matrix :D And I don’t know if I heard anything else from them :)

    Lot of changes and stuff happening- well sometimes I think it just really too much, in this case I actually rewritten half of it as it was too much progressive (I love it but my mates usually say that it is bit weird to have so much changes. I always say, it’s a story sort of or journey, an expression :DDD so I’m glad you actually like it :)

    And to that kick - this is exactly what I like when people pointing me at those areas I could work on more, this time I did even drive it in mixer well over 0db just to get it through the mix. I think, because I start using korvpressor (on master bus)it works differently then ns2 comp. and I couldn’t get it cut through the mix, will check eq on it but I believe I did boost a bit around 112hz if I remember well and same goes for snare apart boost was around 200hz. But will check it;) thanks for that I really appreciate your feedback;)

    Well, I start this reply at work but run out of dat so couldn’t post it:DDD and sorry it’s just too long reply I know:D

  • @dendy just listened that crystal method busy child and it’s great, I think I did heard it before tho ;)

  • Oh yeah :tongue:

    Your mates might have been right about too many changes, though, if what you have posted is an edited-down version :) There's enough ideas here for a couple of tracks.

    BTW it made me think of Perturbator and synthwave. Probably the textures!

  • Excellent track with fantastic sound design

  • @Trigger_the_Monkey yeah this is edited down version :D it had different beginning au to 1:45 or something like that so I have decided to tame myself and rework it to be more coherent:DDD and yeah guys don’t worry to be brutally honest, I can take it and definitely learn from it although I do like it progressive;) thanks for that tip on perturbator didn’t heard it before;)

    @SlapHappy thanks ;) Happy that you enjoyed it;)

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