New Ambient Track

I’ve got a newly commissioned ambient piece created with NanoStudio 2, to accompany a strip in the new Zone 4 graphic novel-it’s about an Orgone Accumulator no less!

iosmusic #electronica #ambient #chill #orgoneenergy #orgoneaccumulator #synthfam


  • Congratulations on the comission! And fantastic track! Great sounds and vibe.

  • @CitizenX hi there, nice work;) could you post link for that novel when it’s ready I would definitely read that while listening this, sort of remind me old fallout 1/2 background music but it was ages ago so might be totally off on that but anyway it’s great ambient track!

  • Hi @Cray23 - I’m afraid that there isn’t a digital version of the Zone graphic novels, but this is where you can get them, along with the official Citizen-X Tee shirt!

  • So great to hear some music from you again!! And you excel as always with your sound!! Fantastic track!

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