Unreal Songs for Strange Times - now on bandcamp

Technology-wise it's a mixed bag (Ableton, iPad AUM, Hardware and of course NS2) - but 3 of these tracks are NS2 produced. The release could also be titled "wot I did in lockdown" :-)



  • @kitejan I like how you made it chronologically as events were unfolding:) I really had giggle when I saw Boris Says:DDD congrats on album, it’s proper lengthy, no shortcuts here;) will have to listen it in chunks:) so far it’s great 👍 The fact that you used multiple of devices and software to make it gives it nice variety. Looking forward to rest of it. Btw are you maybe on Apple Music?

  • @Cray23 Yes, sorry about the length. Believe it or not I did spend some time trying to reduce it to a single CD's worth (in fact 3 tracks were removed and added to my private "2020" album of "stuff" - I have similar for each year from 2016). I eventually gave up and just released the whole lot. And yes apart from "Boris Says", "New Normal" and "Meandering Through Woodland Paths" (which are the NS2 tracks as it happens) everything is in chronological order. I reckon people will pick and choose which parts they listen to, however I do appreciate it does take a pretty heft commitment to listen to all 20 tracks in a single sitting - maybe something to do if there is another Lockdown? =)

    I'm actually not sure about Apple Music - I did release something via CD Baby a few years ago in a fit of optimism about people buying my music (total to date: $2.74!) so I think that album is on Apple Music somewhere. Anyway I've decided that I will just stay just on Bandcamp for now.

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