How to usie samples in ns1?

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Hi everybody,
I have been using samples, sometimes of one minute long in ns1. Sometimes I am happy with the audio quality and sometimes I believe there is a loss in quality. Sometimes it sounds better when I enter a sample in the Eden synth and sometimes it sounds better when I put it as sample in the drum machine. Can someone advice me about this how to use samples in the best way in ns1? thanks, Roland from Holland


  • Presuming Eden doesn't have any modulation or filters (or, etc...) applied, the sound of the sample should be the same in Eden as it is in the TRG. What do you mean by "sounds better"?

    I don't have access to Eden at the moment. I can't recall if it supports stereo samples or not. I think it does but if it doesn't, that might be why TRG "sounds better" with certain samples.

  • Yup, Eden is mono, TRG is stereo.

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