The Sandman gets off work after a long night. Hope you enjoy.
I went on a listening, reading, and app buying spree looking to break out of a creative block. I really hate those. Anyway I ended up with 70 tracks running on iPad Air 4. Mostly Obsidian and Slate but with enough other auv3s that did actually require high latency setting by the last dozen or so tracks. Multiple instances each of Magellan 2, synthmaster 1, pure synth, sunrizer, kauldron, ShimmerVerb, Blackhole , WOOTT, filterstep, SquashIt, ArpBud, and rozeta arpeggio. Plus of course a gazzilion instances of built in effects. Long live NS2! It’s the bomb!


  • @boomer I love this!!! So much attention to detail. Working in NS2 myself, I know the amount of effort to do what you did here took, so I commend you for the commitment. Great use of space so I can hear the effects doing their jobs and nice melody lines through out. Lovely piece, thanks for sharing with us!

  • Wow this is really great... lot of stuff happening there, lot of great melodies and harmonies, very interesting .. :+1:

  • Thanks guys. Appreciate it.

  • @boomer this is really detailed composition, evolving with story behind;) impressive πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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