NS2 with Behringer X Touch?

Anyone tried this? Does it work? (Or with any other external DAW controller for that matter).


  • Basic mixing control should work fine (volume, mute, solo, arm, etc). Don't think there is any way to control the NS2 Transport yet.

    Wonder if you could work around this by assigning the device's transport controls to Audiobus and loading NS into AB? Might work for start/stop at least.

  • Oh jeez. Just realizing this reply comes 6 weeks late....

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    Don’t worry Will, it’s no longer the most active of forums anymore. Tbf there isn’t that much to discuss really.

    NS2 is stable so rarely - if ever - are there any bugs to report on here (releases of new versions of iOS maybe breaking something withstanding).

    Ideas for new features seems to be a waste of character taps on your device. Likewise asking “what’s happening with development of NS2?”

    Posting new music made with NS2 seems realistically the only thing that you might expect any feedback in this forum to be honest.

    Without conversation, discussion and/or debate then the forum loses its purpose really. And if there’s nothing to discuss then, well, it is what it is and we are where we are.

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    I've quite successfully interfaced NS2 with an X32, It's pretty neat. At the moment it's only possible to use 16 channels (due to a bug which really kills my recording process, I need 32 channels to match my console, and I have to render out projects and mix them on PC..) but NS2 plays very nicely with external consoles if you only need 16 channels or less.

  • Hey @Winnecke I would be super interested to hear more about this and maybe see a picture of your setup. I’m looking at budget mixing controllers (very budget... ;) ) and I hesitate to buy anything because I mostly use NS2 rather than other DAWs and I know the mapping possibilities are a bit limited there (still love NS2 tho).
    Are you able to map all the mixing faders and pan pots at least? Anything else? I don’t mind not being able to map transport controls if I could at least map faders for mixing levels and recording fader automation etc
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi again - no need to reply to my previous question - I got an X touch Compact B) and have been able to do some stuff with it successfully ( listed in this thread : https://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/community/index.php?p=/discussion/2575/question-about-transport-control-and-external-midi-controllers#latest)

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