Rough Landing - my intense synthwavy/acid track + mastering in NS2 tips

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Hello dear Nanostudio community

Here's my latest creation, I hope you'll like it. Please share any feedback, constructive criticism,... Always valued and greatly appreciated!!

Listen to Rough Landing by Tales from Within on #SoundCloud

I also have some findings to share:

This is the first track of mine where I managed to do all the post production steps fully in Nanostudio 2. What you hear is the mixdown straight from Nanostudio, without any further mixing/mastering in any other apps. This greatly simplifies the process for me. So far, I've always had to export to Final Touch to adjust dynamics, maximize, etc. and get a decent result... No more! 😃

The very essential auv3 plugin that made that possible for me is "Bark Filter" from Virsynth.

It is at the same time a multi band compressor, filter, limiter and maximizer. I find it extremely useful and easy to use.

For a quick start, I can recommend to put it on your top main "root" group track, and use the "triple band" preset. Be sure to enable compression, limiter and auto-gain. This should provide and excellent base to start your mastering process.


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    Bark Filter is also great to use on individual instruments to improve their presence.

    I found Luxe by Klevgrand to be quite useful to give a bit of color.

    Now, I'm really a struggling amateur when it comes to mastering, I've been blown away by the Bark Filter's possibilities and result, but I'd love to read opinions and feedback from your objective, bias-free ears, if you're willing to share them with me 🙂 Please let me know if you find room for improvement 🙏

    Here's a YouTube video demo of Bark Filter:

  • @Tales_from_within great track, pumping. Sounds clean;) well done 👏

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