NS2 and SynthMaster One

I’m working with iPhone 12 128, Apple shows SynthMaster 1 to be compatible. It was working OK for awhile but now I want to delete it from my phone (how do I do that). The last round of update I think it was the Apple 14.7.1 iOS update I started having problems. It could have been SM1 update or some more downloaded SM1 patches. SM Player seems to work. It also didn’t help to delete the standalone SM1 app from my phone an reinstall from the store.

When I open a NS2 project the SynthMaster One (SM1) tracks do not produce sound. It appears that NS2 is reading the MIDI track but no sound

Things I’ve tried
*Re-saving project as something else
**Adding a new SM1 track and copying the MIDI to the new track. This works ok until I save and exit. When I return the problem remains. (No sound)
***refreshing the database didn’t help

How do I get my NS2 to be SynthMaster free. I want to have fun again.


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    You can just delete the SynthMaster One app and the plugin will go with it. Apparently Synthmaster on the iPhone has been having a bit of trouble lately. From the comments I’ve understood that it’s a bug in SM1 and affects all hosts, not just Nanostudio. But probably someone else has first hand information.

  • @tonedef - to uninstall an app, long-press it from the Home Screen until you get a popup menu with the option to delete the app.

    But first, another thing you can try is to "offload" and then "reload" the app. Go to iOS Settings > Storage. Wait until the list of apps you have installed appears at the bottom (this might take a little while). Find SynthMaster One and tap the > next to it. Now choose Offload App. This will temporarily remove the app but keep your data.

    When that's done exit back to the Settings screen and then go to the Home Screen. Find the icon for Synthmaster One on the Home Screen and tap it. This will force a reinstall.

    It's worth a try, and if it works, will save you having to redo your projects to use Synthmaster Player.

  • Thanks to @number37
    I followed your instructions to a T. So far SynthMaster is back and things are normal. In “the dark days of brokenness” I modded all SM1 files. So all that is lost. But good news is that your instructions fixed the problem. I will update if it doesn’t stay fixed. Kudos.

  • Great! Glad it helped. 😎

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