audio recording synced to transport

Is it possible to start audio recording in Slate or Obsidian where the recording starts in sync with the transport?


  • Sadly, no. My biggest wishlist item!

    Perhaps there are workarounds out there that I've just missed.

  • Put one or two measures of count-in (hat, stick or whatever) at the head of your song. Go into the record page. Start recording (1). Then start the sequence playing (2). Start playing after the count-in. Trim the front of the recording and you should be good.

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    @nino : If you don’t mind adding a step in the process and you have either of 4Pockets’ (both superb) MultiTrackRecorder (“MTR”) or Neon auv3 plugins then they both start recording in sync with the NS2 transport (if you enable the “Host sync”) option in their settings.

    They sit in the insert fx chain and record whatever audio is fed to it from above in the chain - I use them for quickly resampling resource-hungry synths or synths where I have a chaotic array of insert fx and I want to “bounce in place” but where 1 or more of those effects don’t play nicely with NS2’s track mixdown feature (I’m looking especially at you DLYM auv3… 😤)

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