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Hi, I really thought that I'd lost my old iOS Nanostudio 1 projects forever. I had them all backed-up but I had been a Mac and iOS user, so that's why they went into obsolescence. BUT! At least they were all backed up. Today I tried my luck downloading Nanostudio 1 onto my PC and rejoice! I have a working copy of NS1 again and my old projects load. One problem though. When I was making music on my old phone, I had a number of additional banks of community synths and drum samples set up on the device. Is there a method where I can tell my new Windows copy of NS1 what my old NS1 setup was like? I assume that there's a config or user folder that I need to copy and move? At present, the old projects all play, but many sounds and samples are missing, so they don't sound right. If there's a fix for this, please let me know. Thanks


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    I’m straining my brain to recall NS1 stuff, and I’m not sure about a user or config file but I kinda doubt that. You’ll probably have to manually restore samples to patches and kits. If you are loading archived .nsp files they should have the samples saved in the archived project for any of the presets used in the project. Without super careful organizing of folder structure it was easily possible in NS1 for samples to not be found by Eden or TRG because they couldn’t find a sample once a folder was moved or maybe renamed. This is especially the case for un-archived projects (.prj files). You might try searching the folder structure for the missing .wav samples.

    Good luck. I’ll be curious to hear how it works out for you.

    PS: Obviously you could also save the MIDI files and create an awesome new NS2 project, because NS2 is… awesome.

  • Hi SlapHappy, thanks for responding. I'll get an opportunity to dig into this when I return to the UK later this month. I'm just happy at the moment that some previously lost projects are not quite as lost as I'd thought they were. NS2 is indeed awesome (from what I've tried so far) I'm just hoping that I can restore some of those early NS1 projects enough to do mixdowns. They form a significant part of my 'learning to do electronic music' history.

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