My track SHAKE IT is out on Spotify

Im super proud of this track! Its a super unique blend between FUNKY POP and TECH HOUSE. it was produced on Nanostudio 1 on my Mac and mixed in Logic Pro X. Ive been making music for 10 years since I was 12 and now I finally feel like Ive gotten to the point that my tracks are upto if not better than most tracks I come across and that has motivated me to actually start releasing music rather than just having it die on my hard drive! I'd love any feedback you can give me!

Take care guys, Nanostudio have done so much for me! I love this little underground community!


  • Nicely done. It isn’t a genre that I listen to, but it sounds to me like you nailed it. Glad to hear of people using NS1. It sounds like you crafted a unique sounding track with it.

  • @Jabaanand nicely done 👌 if someone told me that was daft punk I would believe that😎 I also agree on that ns1 being great little studio and well ahead of time back then.
    Big ups

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