Hi there,
I m writing this because I m having issues exporting my ns2 mix downs and stems to other DAWS.
I m trying to send files to a record label for my first EP and I m struggling to figure this out. Any help would be super appreciated y'all


  • When I export the song to. Abelton its just huge block s instead of wave files. Unable to edit.
    I ve turned down the main mix but it still looks like this. I ve gain staged the whole mix so I know its not from clipping.

  • Do you have a limiter or some other finalizer on your master mix bus?

    eg TB Barricade, or Barkfilter, or WOOT?

    They can really really squash your waveform.

    Also, do you have this setting set on your mixdown:

    If so, maybe set it to „No“ (especially as you‘ve turned your master mix really low).

    What you‘re experiencing isn’t something I‘ve ever experienced in NS2 so I’m kind of guessing here.

  • did you changed from "finak mix" to "all tracks" (or eventually too level tracks or soloed tracks) ? This is way to get multi track export..

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