External MIDI Device

When i recall a patch, most knobs (but not Volume/Pan) are set all the way left. Would like to set a default value on my own.
Another issue is the behaviour of a knob when i double tap it. I would love it if i could descide if a knob is set to center (64), all left or all right when double tapped.


  • good idea ! added to list !

  • @dendy said:
    good idea ! added to list !

    Hi! Some progress with this issue? After 3 years... ;-)

  • No. Development has stalled. For now NS2 is what it is.
    Your original question sounds like it relates to the performance knobs on Obsidian, and you are creating patches that are controlled by an Ext MIDI controller, is that right? Are you saying that the position of the knobs change when you return to a project? Or is the requested new feature that when you call up the patch in a new project that the patch should come up with the knobs in the last used position? And if that is the case, did you save the patch previously with the knobs in the desired position?

  • Okay, im also stalled and just have to use what is there.

    My suggestion was about what happens (what value it gets) if a knob in an external MIDI Instrument is double tapped.
    But sadly EVERY thread about improvements is obsolete if the app is abandoned. And I wonder why there is still the category "Feature requests" ...

  • Development has stalled, but there has been no decision to abandon it. As it stands Matt committed to fixing things broken by iOS updates, while he focuses on working a job and raising his family. The forum wasn’t dismantled, and the Feature Request was left as is in the remote hope that one day development could resume. When his kids are off at uni, Matt will be bored and likely need a hobby. My fingers are crossed.

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