Not quite my final NS1 track....

I keep finding interesting things to do with NS1! So here is one of my last NS1 tracks celebrating a recent change of jobs. All NS1, with some location samples here and there, made partly using an iPod Touch and my nice new iPad 1 (that's first generation, 2010 vintage, not an Air 1 or anything fancy).


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    This is totally radical!!!
    Also, nice shots of cabling and cool video editing!

  • really nice track ! And video too ... :+1:

    i'm saying it all the time, it's a pity that Apple killed NS1 with that 32bit apps dump, because this app is simply still actual - you can do lot of great music with it. I would use it still even together with NS2 if it would be possible !

  • Absolutely! Now my son has my old iPad and I'm just waiting for him to discover it. But he's just getting into Gadget, so he might have a ways to go…

    Awesome track, @kitejan !

  • Really nice track Kitejan! The vid was fun too. Nice way to document the last day. Hope the new job is a better one that you enjoy.

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