A quiet piece I made to help me relax while recovering from illness.


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    what a optimistic tune :)) Don't get me wrong, i like it, beautifully depressive and psychedelic, always like such experiments :+1:

  • @anickt an intrigung piece, invokjng a reflective mood. I hope you are recoceri g well and look forward to hearing more of your work.

  • @dendy @NumptyDumppty

    Thanks guys! The piece was created with 5 Obsidians. Two are sounds I created and three are playing back a long loop of samples I created in an app called Portable Dandy. What’s cool is if I let it loop in NS2 the samples are different every time because I modulated the sample start with a random LFO. Unfortunately there’s no way to capture that in a recording without having it go on for an hour or more! I did listen to it looping and eventually fell asleep. :p


  • @anickt this is psycho! Yeah, that muffled voice or is it synth? Oh and when that backward notes comes in yeah proper creepy. Great stuff. And you got some hearing to put this together and still somehow make it sound harmonically coherent:)

  • @Cray23 Thanks!
    Yes, there are some muffled voices in there!

  • @anickt Top notch, did check that portable dandy and it looks fun. Will definitely look into it over the weekend. Cheers for tip

  • Good to hear some soundscapey stuff in Nano. Hope you’re recovering well 😉

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    @LeeB said:
    Good to hear some soundscapey stuff in Nano. Hope you’re recovering well 😉

    Thanks! I’ll live! :p

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