New demo tune featuring Delta-V's SpaceCraft AU

I haven't had much time for making music recently, but I got my grubby hands on a copy of SpaceCraft for debugging and it got me inspired. SpaceCraft can definitely do a load of things NanoStudio's instruments can't.

I decided (totally objectively of course) that it was good enough to bundle with the app, so once you've updated to NanoStudio 2.0.1 you can find it in the Projects/Demos folder. If you don't have SpaceCraft then the project will still sound OK as it has an extra track with the bounced audio.

Spacecraft in the App Store:


  • Man, that’s lush Matt! Your mix skills are sharp! It’s almost like you know things about audio or something :trollface:

    You’ve created so much space (see what I did there?) with the mix so I can really hear the subtle effects you’ve got rollin. Glad to see you able to use your creation for...more creations!

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    @drez what i like on matt's music is, that you can hear his signature sound there - if you listen to "Tendrils" (another his contribution to NS demo tracks folder :)), there is same spacey clean mix where you p can hear every subtle detail. Same is with his old creations in NS1, especially that chillout tune (can't remember name)

    That man knows his tools. Literally :))

  • And if there’s ever another demo track remix contest, I know which one I will ruin this time, love this!

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    I'm normally guilty of adding far too much shit, but with this one I found that because it was more sparse it was more difficult to make a bad mix. Lesson learnt for future.

    My main problem was with the cross stick/rimshot - I wanted it to crack but because it was surrounded by so much space the transient was almost painful. I was trying all sorts of EQ/compression/ambience on it without much improvement but then a producer friend of mine said I was doing it all wrong and suggested I add some low-mid body to it in the form of a pitched up kick drum - job done!

    So I can't claim all the credit ...

  • That’s a hella good trick on the rimshot. It sounds really good. All the detail does. Ima have to work on some less busy music. Use the effects as instruments, if you will. This is a great example.

  • Oh nice... Almost like a dub thing.

  • Love it!!!! My mixes are starting to come together more that I’m utilizing parallel compression, group tracks, auxes etc... I love Nanostudio I push it all the time on instagram once audio tracks come and I can do complete songs I’m ditching the other daws I have and will promote nothing but Nanostudio thanks Matt for a great app

  • Interesting track! Good to hear all the coding hasn’t spoiled the musical creativity! 👍🏻

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