Cray23 - Severed

Done in NS2 with couple of AUv3’s like Blackhole,Stark,Adverb,FAC chorus and Grind



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    Holy fucking fuck ! Like fuck yeah, sick shit really !!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

  • @dendy you are star :) is it really good? I Need to spend some time with mastering/mixing (part I don’t like that much:/ ). Thanks for tip on that resident advisor label, I’ll send them some in future when I get bit better I guess:)
    I have to say that blip should be happy to have you onboard as you are really helpful with your tricks/tips and feedback in general. I still have to try that start point automation you were describing in different section in here, as that sounds like huge time saver. Also I did want to upload it to sc as I finally managed to log in to my old account, but it didn’t let me upload any tunes on iPad so I have to use pc for that :/

  • That is seriously sick @Cray23

  • @drez thanks a lot for your comment. <3<3<3

  • Packed full of ideas and kept me locked into it to the end. You are reallg onthe a creative roll.

  • @NumptyDumppty thanks, glad you like it. I do try to put into it most of my spare time:DDD I should be posting new one tomorrow;) this time in positive vibe and slower

  • Another good tune.

  • Wow!!!

    So much packed in to that track. Superb tight drum programming and lovely edits.
    Amazing talent mate!


  • @LeeB thank you for uplifting comment, glad you like it;)

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