Cray23 - Screwed Up

Wrote it in Nanostudio 2 with inclusion of AUv3 Stark then stems were rendered and send over to Cubase 10 for final mix and attempt to master:D


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    what i can say... you have your style, you have your quality standard ... this banger is not exception, totally consistent with rest of your production ..
    ... which means... yeaah :+1::bleep_bloop::love::mrgreen::naughty::star::sunglasses:

    btw i like graphics which you use for your videos ! It's your own work ? Very stylish !

  • @dendy yes artworks are mine, I do them in autodesk sketchbook on iPad. Glad you like it. I don’t spend much time on them tho:D

  • :+1:

    And the graphics style is nicely consistent with the music style, too.

  • Another banger @Cray23

  • @Cray23
    You have an album in the making with all the quality tracks I’ve heard on here! 👍🏻

  • @Trigger_the_Monkey @anickt @nu2moro
    Thank you all for positive feedback guys much appreciated;) this is just what I need, motivation, recently not having much luck all over but feeling more motivated now so will put it into music. Have a great day guys!

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