Change Audio Tuning

Is it possible to change the tuning to other value than 440 Hz?
In my Desktop DAW i can change this in the audio settings. I would like to play the obsidian like those ancient instruments were in 432 Hz...


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    no there is no such thing as global tunning at the moment - you can Obsidian's oscilaltor "fine tune" knob and you set it to "-32 cents", but this is not complete solution because this just pitches down all 12 tones of octave equally, so base A tone will be at 432hz.

    Whole 432hz thing is about changing from 12-Tone Equal Temperament into Pythagorean tone temperament - which is not possible in NS for now. One day, when microtunning support will be added ,(it's on long-term todolist), this will be possible ...

    btw. i strongly suggest you to read this article about 432 hz topic ;-) There is a lot of missunderstanding, false informatio and hoaxes floating around this topic.

  • Hi dandy,
    thank you for your comment and even more the interesting link from askaudio!!

  • you're welcome ;)

  • Awesome video on the subject here that compares different tunings.

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