it feels like the first time...

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I downloaded NS2 last week and blundered along the learning curve while developing this fun little project. I creatively named it "NanoStudio 2 Test Project". Not sure what genre to call this, maybe pop. I play keyboard with a particular interest in jazz.


  • Welcome!
    Nice chords there. The second part has a more 80’s movie soundtrack vibe with those phasing synth strings. Keep them coming 👍🏼

    Good to have another Lee on board too :)

  • Thanks LeeB. My formative music years spanned the late 60s, 70s and early 80s, so my creations usually reflect those influences.

  • I hear a Dusty Springfield type vox on that. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice song.. Finally something different from usual EDM stuff in Creations section :) .. not that i have something agains EDM, but simply - it's refreshing to hear a bit different genre .. very gentle and nice listening, very musical :+1:

  • Thanks for the positive feedback =) . I wasn't sure how it would be received here, being a more traditional musical piece.

  • @ajmiller said:
    I hear a Dusty Springfield type vox on that. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you. I've composed other songs- I'm always surprised by listener's comments about what the piece reminds them of. Of course, none of those things were in mind when I created it

  • @LeesKeys this was very different in good way, I agree with dendy, its nice to have variety in here. Like your work. so yeah keep them coming

  • Thank you Cray. Much appreciated. I've further tweaked the song, giving it a name, adding a solo around the 2 minute mark and panning the sound towards the very end of the song. If you like you can check it out on my YouTube channel

  • I thought it was gonna be a Foreigner song.

  • @rayg1952 said:
    I thought it was gonna be a Foreigner song.


  • Do you have to have a google drive account to play it?

  • No, although I've just replaced the original link with an updated one on my YouTube channel. Check that one out.

  • I really like this one... but did you consider speeding it up a bit?
    because thanks to youtube we can check out the track in different speeds - and I think this works best in 1.5x speed ;)

  • Interesting. To each his own :-)

  • haha sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. trying different speeds is just one of the things I usually do when making tracks, and youtube is making that easy

  • No problem :)

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