Obsidian Program Change

Been a while since I’ve been out here- Used to use NS1 live but when NS2 came out, Obsidian didn’t have Midi PC. Has that status changed at all? If not, are there still plans for it? Thx


  • Program change is not supported in NS2 yet due to some additional complexity in patch browser compared to simple 64 patches per Bank in NS1 (or it was 128?)

    But it was already discussed and at some poimt some solution for at least partial PC functionality support will be added, for sure.

  • Yeah - I remember that being discussed when NS2 was released. Last I heard, there was talk of maybe defining a favorites bank that PCs could be assigned to. That's all I need.

    I used to use NS1 live, as it was nice to load up one app that could do multiple things. Since I lost access to NS1, I've had to split the live duties out to multiple apps and it's made my live rig much more unreliable. Everything is there in NS2 except for some basic PC functionality. I just hope it isn't being so overthought that it never happens.

    Still a great app. I just wish I could use it live again.

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