New track featuring Shockwave, Pure Acid and SynthMaster One all rolled into NS2.


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    lovely relaxing vibe... so sweet, mellow with 80's and 90's elements... :heart::heart:

    just at 2:09 there is something broken i think .. it jumps like there is wrong render or what - or that break is intentional ? Sounds not right to me ...

  • Thank you! @dendy, could you give another listen...I'm not hearing a break at 2:09...It all sounds as it should to me...Maybe SoundCloud did something to playback when you were listening? Or maybe we are hearing the same thing but sounds different to each other.

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    this part.. it sounds strange for me, even when i'm listening it multiple times, it looks like glitch, like when there is scratch on CD and it jumps during playing :)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmozvy3m5cv3auk/Video 23-12-2019, 22 26 02.mp4?dl=0

    after snare fill ends, immediately after first kick hit

  • Yep, I can hear it in the link you sent, but on my SoundCloud (and even when I play it in the link in my OP), that break isn't there. There's gotta be a SoundCloud playback issue there. So bizarre that's always in the same place for you.

  • interesting.. maybe it is somehow cached wrong on my device.. ok if it is nit there and it is just SC glitch, then song is perfect :-)

  • @peanut_gallery smooth vibe, full of air, currently on iPhone speaker but all sounds sounded clear so very nice mix there, will give it proper listen on speakers when I get home( finally holiday starts;)) well done!

  • @peanut_gallery nice track 👍🏻😁

  • Again: Sweet!! =)

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