Ray Subject - Fairytale III (Reborn) [edm/dance]

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Third installment of my "Fairytale" EP saga. Again 134 bpm of pure edm dance joy :-)

Made in Nanostudio2, in except of Ravenscroft 275 for piano parts and FAC Transient used on, ehm, lot of tracks :-), verything else is just Obsidian and buildin FXs


  • I like it! I can listen this all week.

  • thanks :-)

  • Very nice 👍🏻😁

  • Joyful upbeat electronica, a perfect start to the new year 🎵

  • edited January 2020

    @dendy Pumping! Makes me move literally:D shows just how obsidians can handle pretty much everything and internal fx too. And mix is nice although I couldn’t listen loud enough yet, but in hour I’ll be back to blast it on speakers:DDD
    You packed So much air into that
    Like your production. Keep it up;)

  • Great uplifting synth parts! I am really enjoying the piano in there as well.

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