An Advent release for charity.... With NS1

Back in February 2018 my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has since had surgery, radio and chemo therapy. I thought that for Advent this year I would try to raise awareness and money for the Brain Tumour Charity by releasing various tracks of mine, one a day for Advent. As it happens this first one is 100% Nanostudio 1.

Adventus 1 : Pròxima Estació (Barcelona 2015)

Composed during a holiday to Barcelona in 2015 and incorporates a number of recordings I made of the city's metro system, along with some sound effects recorded within the amazing Sagrada Familia.


  • And since day 2 is also a NS1 track I shall post it here as well (from memory I think on 1 or 2 more were done in NS1 - the rest are AUM based).

    Adventus 2 : Watching Aeolian Processes (Côte des Landes July 2015) [extract]

    (90 second extract)


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    Nice tracks, they are emotive even without knowing story behind, and with that story, powerful !

    Purchased to support it, hope more people will do the same. You should post it also to AB forums.. hope your daughter feels well now !

  • Thank you. It's been a difficult year or so for us all. My daughter has completed her treatments and has returned to Uni for her final year (doing it over 2 years). There are loads of amazing groups and charities that have supported her (and us) - but it's still really tough.

  • I can only imagine how tough that would be! I’m glad you’re finding the strength to stay creative in the middle of it, these are lovely.

  • @stiksi: well technically these 2 posted (and the next few) are all "pre Tumour" when things were easier and better. Anything after February 2018 is when things got a lot harder. And yes at first being creative was just too hard, but once we got used to the new "normal" finding creative things were a bit of an outlet. I had collated all those jams i made in that period into an album, but I decided not to release that one (although 2 tracks are included on this Adventus idea). Sadly no NS1 used on those :-)

  • First of all these are some sweet tracks. Nicely done!
    Secondly, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s struggle, but I am glad to hear that she is recovering. That is encouraging. Still, must be super hard thing to endure. Wish you and your family all the best!

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