Need recommendation for iPad usb c hub

edited December 2020 in General chat

My brand new iPad Air 4 is coming next week and I need a way to get stuff into and out of it through the one usb c port provided. What I need is simultaneous usb a for midI input, audio, and charge. I like the idea of one that clips to the iPad as opposed to a dongle or wired box. My main concern is the dac audio quality of the 3.5mm jacks. I am seeing some bad reviews in that regard. I already ordered a stand alone usb c to 3.5 jack that advertises high end audio dac. So I am open to either having 1 usb c input for charging and another usb c input for the audio. Or 1 usb c for charging and a 3.5 for decent audio. Plus the usb a. Recommendations anyone?

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