Discussion about future "Slate User Kits Megathread"



  • @3sleeves said:
    @nkdvkng just hit that link and when the browser opens up press the top right menu, choose export, choose Open In NS2...it imports, you’ll see a little notice at top center of the screen, then it’s in User presets. Otherwise you can drag and drop it using Files.

    Just thought about it for a second, think I misunderstood...wasn’t sure if you meant that Slate kit or OP-1 presets.

    The OP-1 presets are an AIFF per kit, all in one file. In Slate you can chop the waves almost exactly like the OP-1, you just don’t see the actual waveform in NS2 when using the Hold, Decay, and Offset control knobs in Slate, only the filter shape...easy enough to dial it in by ear though, especially if you map the knobs to a controller.

    Hope I answered the right question🤘😄

    Funny I made a beat to the kit before I saw your reply. Gonna send u what I did

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