AUtomation implementation brainstorm thread?

Like others, I’ve been eager to get more automation options for both AU synths and AUfx. I would be glad to get the ball rolling on brainstorming implementation ideas that would enable that without getting in the way of what’s so great about the UI and the current implementation of automation.

I’ll separate my own suggestions (next post of mine) into two (and I suggest we do the same for this thread):

  • Constraints: what adding automation options shouldn’t do. (I’m hoping beta testers can chime in on that, because we new users obviously don’t have a lot of info.)

  • Options: how adding AU automation options could be done so that it doesn’t break the constraints.


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    I don’t think there should really be any constraints on au automation? Generally the case in plugin hosts? Just allow automation of all parameters at will....

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    My own suggestions about Constraints

    • Currently, there seems to be two separate parts to automation within the timeline. (A) Within midi “clips”, we have access to automation parameters for synths. (B) For full tracks, we have access to automation parameters for effects. I’m not sure why that is, but I’m guessing there’s a good reason for that. So my suggestions will attempt to keep (A) and (B) separate.

    • No clutter: for (A) I take it that the way it works with obsidian is the model: macros per synth + (hopefully) an obsidian style modulation matrix for AU synths too. For (B), I’m not sure, but I’m thinking macros for effects might work.

    Beta testers, what’s your take?

  • Being forced to set up and use macros for automation is such a bad move imho. Macros should be an option, not ‘the way’. YMMV.

  • My current best ideas about options:

    • For AU synth, add a modulation matrix like for obsidian, enabling using a single knob for multiple destination each with their own modulation amount, and even possibly multipliers. Allow us to save modulation mappings as part of the NS2 presets for our AU synths.

    • For AUfx. This is not at all creative, but would it be practical to do this via an 8 knob macro tab for track effects as a whole together with a modulation matrix for track effects?

    • Other thought for AUfx: Within track effects view, have a tab with 8-12 assignable slots where we specify what AUfx parameters show up as automation targets in the sequencer.
  • This all feels like running before can walk? All good in theory but basic traditional automation needs to be added before any of this imho..

  • @flockz See this helpful explanation of NS2’s approach by @dendy :

    My goal with this thread is to get a discussion going on implementation ideas that respect NS2’s unique approach and design philosophy.

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    Thanks for link. I read that before but it doesn’t really click with me. I’m not sure why ns2 can’t just show/hide automation lanes and only display lanes for Parameters that have been automated via the au gui... With a pop up list of available params if you want to manually add a cc lane without having automated that parameter beforehand. The implementation seems unnecessarily complicated and slow for general automation workflow whilst at the same time having unnecessary limitations? One of the few areas of ns2 that I’m struggling hard to get onboard with. Feels almost like ‘different for different’s sake’.... just my take on it.

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