Bluetooth wireless support for opz

Hello long time nanostudio user. Lost it with iOS update. Really sad there is still not an iPhone version yet. Can you open nsps from nanostudio in nanostudio 2 I lost a lot of projects on my phone from that change. Still yet to recover them. I now have an opz I’m trying to link up for a live set. It connects via Bluetooth. I’ve yet to buy ns2 yet most likely waiting til it supports aum and audio tracks and of course is available for iPhone. This ended up being more of a rant but my main question was seeing if there was Bluetooth support and supported the opz! Nanostudio 2 looks amazing and I’m really excited but a little burnt from losing everything on my phone and still not being able to recover it!


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    you cannot open NS1 project in NS2 because of very different app structure..

    NS2 can (with some limitations given by different architecture) open TRG banks in Nanostudio 2 "Slate" drum sampler..

    Best way to transfer at least some elemenst of NS1 project to NS2 is to install desktop version of NS1 (it still works on Mac and Windiws), resample all Edens to TRG pads and then load TRG banks in Nanostudio2 ..

    bluetooth support

    currently there is not directky in app "bluetooth connect" icon /it is planned for update/ but it works - you just need first connect your bluetooth device in iOS bluetooth settings and only then run NS2.

    I'm using Korg Nanokey Studio, works like a breeze :-)

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