How to extract NanoStudio 1 files from an iOS 11+ device

NanoStudio 1 is an old 32 bit app and will no longer run if you upgrade your device to iOS 11 or later. However, provided that you don't delete the app, all its data remains on your device. Apple don't provide an official way to access this data, but an enterprising user (called Silica Gel on the old NanoStudio 1 forum) found a way. Here's how:

  1. Connect your device to your PC or Mac using a USB cable
  2. Open iTunes and create a backup
  3. Download the free version of iBackup Viewer:
  4. Run iBackup Viewer and click on the button that sort of looks like a tree or file browser.
  5. On the left, choose "", then highlight everything on the right (tip: click first one, scroll to the bottom, shift+click last one).
  6. Click Export -> Selected. That'll suck out all the files there onto a folder on your computer.

Once you have the files, you'll need a way to use them. One way would be to install the free desktop version of NS1 on your computer:

  1. Download and install NanoStudio 1. The download can be found near the bottom of this page:
  2. Locate the NanoStudio data area on your computer (for Windows, it's under ProgramData on your system drive). You'll notice the directory structure is exactly the same as the data exported from the iPhone backup.
  3. Copy everything under "(your extracted data)/Documents/User" into the same place in the NanoStudio data area found in step 2.
  4. Launch NanoStudio on your computer and shazam, all your projects at your fingertips!

Alternatively, if you have an older iOS device still running NanoStudio 1, you can use NanoSync to copy the files over to it. The NanoSync download can also be found near the bottom of this page:

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