On screen keyboard pass through notes to midi effects?

Has anyone been able to get QuantiChord to work as a midi au in NanoStudio with the built in keyboard? I’ve tried everything, I think it may be a bug? QuantiChord works fine with AUM after all.


  • My suspicion is that there are a fair few of these issues to be ironed out - the Apple AU documentation is poor and it's created an ecosystem where each AU behaves a little differently.

    AU plugin developers will no doubt start testing against NS2 in future and I'm sure they'll get ironed out (I'm happy to collaborate with them), but I can see that process requiring a settling time.

  • Thanks for the reply! I’ll try to be patient 🙃. I’ll also let the QuantiChord dev know as well in case the issue is on their end. Thanks again

  • Yep if you could tie up the other end that would be great - also let them know I'm happy to collaborate to get to the bottom of it.

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