SynthJacker: Auto Sampler app



  • Thanks for the great update! Left a 5 star review on the AppStore!

    @coniferprod said:

    It's the SynthJacker September Equinox Half-Price Flash Sale! From now through Monday 23 Sep, get SynthJacker for 50% off from the App Store. New update coming soon, too!

  • @Tones4Christ said:
    Thanks for the great update! Left a 5 star review on the AppStore!

    Much appreciated, thank you! It makes me happy if you find SJ useful for your music making.

  • Bug fix release v0.7.1 is on the App Store now. Here's the news:

    Fixes and enhancements for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 since version 0.7.0:
    • Restored full-screen instrument Audio Unit view.
    • Fixed crash when playing back an imported recording.
    • Better Dark Mode support.

  • I made a video about how to use SynthJacker's BYOAF (Bring Your Own Audio File) feature. It's up on YouTube now, hope you like it!

  • Hello, just wanted to let you know that the SynthJacker Spring Equinox Sale is now on. From now until Wed 25 March you can get SynthJacker for half the regular price, so the sale price is EUR 4.49 or equivalent.

    As you may know, SynthJacker has some specific settings to create multisamples suitable for the Obsidian synth in Nanostudio 2, which I believe is also on sale, so this could be a great opportunity to make some fresh sounds out of hardware synths or instrument Audio Units, to save CPU or for further processing.

    Stay healthy, stay safe, make multisamples, make music!

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