Retronyms 'AU Host' List

Hi all. I'm a new NS2 user and wildly pleased with my purchase. I've used many desktop studio applications and a number of iOS apps, and NS2 is, by far, the one that most supports a creative and productive workflow for me. Fantastic job, Matt! I'm truly stunned that you accomplished this as a 'one-man-show', so to speak - very impressive. Thank you for bringing this application to life.

I went to the Retronyms site to look up AU Instruments to round out the sonic spectrum, principally looking for a good piano to be available as an instrument inside NS2, and I noticed that NS2 is not one of the AU Hosts listed on the site. I would like to send in a nomination to Retronyms to add this app to their list. I think it’s important because the Retronyms lists of AU Hosts, AU Instruments and AU Effects are the best that I know of, online, and I’d be happy to send in the nomination but would like to know if that’s the preference of the NS2 developer (i.e. Matt), first.

Any thoughts?



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