NanoSync connected but not transferring files

Hi all, I'm trying to use NanoSync to transfer files from my Macbook Pro to my iPad to use in NS1. The two devices are connected via WiFi, and the files show in the dialogue box on the Mac, but never show up in NS1 on the iPad. The firewall on the Mac is off and both devices have been rebooted but no luck. I'm concerned that the problem is in the router. Is there a USB alternative to NanoSync? Any advice would be appreciated.



  • Whenever I had problems I found that manually entering the address seemed to do the trick. Make sure the Mac and iPad are using & looking for the same wifi connection. Also, I think if you are transferring .nsp files, you can use an app like iFunBox to move the .nsp files to the right folder in NS1.

  • I'll give it a go. Thanks for the advice!

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