Suddenly, Slower Saving

Up to now, all my projects have saved very quickly. But today I have a couple that take forever to save. The progress wheel spins and spins and it seems NS2 is hung...but if I let it go it does eventually save, after an impractically long wait. What’s more, it only does it on some saves, but not all, even with the same project.

I’m trying to figure out what I could be doing differently that’s causing the slow saving. Has anyone else run into this? Is my iPad dying?


  • Is this an older iPad? Does the project have a lot of AUv3? Lots of samples?

  • My iPad is a 2017 128gb. I have ~8 short drum samples and 6 AUs in each project. I believe i have similar projects that save normally.

    Come to think, this is the first time i have used NS2’s internal sampling page to grab sounds, so that could be something...does that slow down other people’s saves too, or just mine? 😆

  • I haven't experienced this Slow Save issue. My guess is that it could relate to a specific AUv3 app. Maybe take a look at which projects are saving slowly and see if there is a common app or two that could offer a clue.

  • Haven't experienced this either. Internal sampling shouldn't slow anything down.

    Which 6 AUs are you using? How long exactly(ish) is "impractically long" in this case?

  • Turnado, Grind, Replicant 2, and 3 instances of Ruismaker Noir. At worst, saving takes 3 to 7 minutes.

    Removing the Slate with custom samples seems to have (mostly) solved the problem.

  • Try removing the Audio Damage apps. Their stuff is great but not always the most efficient. I haven’t used Turnado in a while but that may be a contributor. Never an issue with @brambos apps.

  • That sounds weird. I’ve never had anything like that. Slate shouldn’t be causing a slow save, but I am wondering if the is something unusual with the file path your samples are saved in. Are the Slate samples in the Library folder or the Project folder? Also, just curious if you have a lot of FX within Slate. Maybe a really long FX? Something like a reverb tail extending out impossibly long? I’m not sure about this, but Slate might have to address those settings when saving samples, and could possibly be slowing things down. Can you try a test project with just Obsidian & Slate to see if the problem persists? Then also one with just those AU apps. That might offer some good clues.

  • Or maybe they're super duper giant Slate samples and you're using "SAVE AS" instead of SAVE? That would, I believe, copy all of the samples to the new project folder. Still, can't even imagine a situation where this would take three minutes, let alone seven.

    Oh, is your iPad almost full? That could cause it.

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