Obsidian VST/AU

Hi there,

fist of all thanks to blip for the great work on nanostudio 2.
It‘s a quite impressive piece of software.

What do you think, is there any chance to see the obsidian synth
in the mac/pc-world as VST/AU???

For me this would be a dream come true:
Chreating Synth-patches in nanostudio on ipad, export them to the Vst/AU-Version
and polishbthem in the real Studio-Environment...

Anyone here, who shares the same dream?


  • Absolutely, would love to have that and we’ve floated the idea past Blip on several occasions. He hasn’t revealed any plans but hope lives on!

  • edited June 2019

    Call me signed in into the club. My point still stands...i will make 1000 presets if that happens.
    Maybe it will be even more easy to do a port soon. Let´s see what WWDC 2019 brings on.
    The competition is big but i could think Obsidian could kick some big VST/AU asses because of the nice GUI and workflow and i bet it would be optimized as hell.
    I would happily pay €50-100 for this.

  • Amen brothers!
    From your lips to God’s/gods ears.
    Even more, I’d like the ability to create patches on laptop (sampling VSTs) and then move those over to iOS. To use in NS2. Total Awesomeness would be to have the complete NS2 on laptop with Audio Tracks. Bounce VST parts to Audio Tracks then transfer project over to iOS to use various AUv3/AB synth apps. Wow! That would easily be worth what I’ve paid for a PC DAW in the past..
    I could see this happening in a couple years. Maybe... It’s a dream.

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