CC,PW,.. blocked with midi fx ????

Am I doing something wrong, it seems that all midi msg beside notes are being filtered out when using midi fx


  • Ditto - is this a bug? There's no reference to it on the bug reports page... I'm using Mozaic and Midi tools, both don't seem to see any CCs from the recorded track. I want to be able to use CCs to control transformations in Mozaic, e.g. use the Obsidian knobs and pad to send CC values to Mozaic code, which then transforms the midi stream... Imagine the sequencing magic this could achieve :)

  • ...just reading that there are 8 "AUParameters" which a host can send to an AU, so perhaps these might be better for using recorded automation or knobs to change Mozaic values, but I should still be able to see CCs within the midi AU...? E.g. to add drift to them?

  • AU effect automation is not possible at the moment, it is on the list, though but no word yet on when it’s going to happen.

  • I probably misinterpreted - Now recognizes all MIDI effect AUs, but apple got my refund request right

  • Thanks :) I'll put those ideas on the back burner.

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    If i correctly undersrand main problem discussed here - MIDI CC from track input (and/or genersted by AU instrument) are not passed into MIDI fx chain and also are not passed to MIDI sends - just notes.
    Which is by design at the moment - long story to explain why, one of main reasons is that internal NS MIDI routing structure was developed probáby 2-3 years ago in times when there was not such strong MIDI plugins usage movement.

    It would be really nice to have option for enabling passing ALL incoming MIDI data into track FX chain but no idea how complicated it will be - i guess significant refactoring of internal MIDI route graph will be needed)

    We will discuss this, definitely with growing usage of MIDI plugins (and especially things like Mozaic) such update of NS MIDI routings makes big sense.

  • Absolutely correct @dendy :)

    If it is likely to be very complicated, it would be good to know that it may be some time.

    Perhaps there could be a note in the manual that only notes (midi note on and note off) get passed to AU FX (midi and audio)? Here I suggest:

  • Yeah good idea, definitely worth to mention it there

  • I have a track with StepPolyArp Unit on it and I'd like to send arp octave and order change commands (CC 19 and 20) to it. If I understand this thread correctly, that's not possible?

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