Nanostudio 2 now available on PATCHSTORAGE.COM !

I'm encouraging you to upload all your Obsidian patches or Slate banks to PATCHSTORAGE.COM now !

Here my first entry, few patches created from multisamples of Behringer Neutron :)


  • NICE!! thanks for the heads up.

  • How do I import these into ns2 please?

    Downloading the file saves it to my iCloud. Import patches in obsidian brings up Dropbox. Am I missing someht8ng?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Do you have AudioShare ? If yes, easiest way is to copy those zip files using Apple Files app into AudioShare. Now run AudioShare, select file and on right side tap icon for sharing - choose "Copy to Nanostudio" from standard Apple file sharing dialogiu - it opens Nanostudio and adds automatically all files inside ZIP file to Obsidian patch library ...

  • Ah thank you. I’ve done this - it imported 9 patches. Just checking this is correct as within the zip file there are several folders (not sure if each folder is a patch or each file within a folder is a patch).

    Thanks again.

  • This was for the neutronium bank.

  • My bad - the 1,01 notes do in fact say a total of 9 patches. So it all worked out. Thanks for your hard work and contribution to ns2 and the forum.

  • glad it worked out.. yeah - obsidian patch is basically folder with some files inside ;)

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