Extract MIDI data from (NS2) project file

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Hi everyone,

I apologize in advance if this is not the right place for this question.

I'm trying to extract MIDI data from my project files.
I've got the XML data and I see that the clips are under Song->Clips->MIDI.

However, how is the MIDI data packed in the d attribute?

I have for instance:

                        <NtTk V="1">
                            <Events s="32" c="9" d="long_string_that_I_dont_know_how_to_unpack" />



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    You don't need to hack project XML file :-) There is MIDI export :-)

    just go to sequemcer ... select clips which modo data you want to export (double tap on emoty area selects whole project)

    now tap Actions > Export

    Done. Selected clips are exported as MIDI file :)

  • @dendy Thanks! :)

    The reason I'm asking on how to parse the MIDI was that I wanted to experiment with some generative coding.

    Ideally I would want to write a program to read the project's XML, mutate some MIDI (or even other things from the project), and write as a NS2 project directly.

    I guess I could export/import the MIDI, that would involve extra manual steps (programmer's are lazy!)

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