A Short Little Groove Thing

Was recently inspired by a few videos from @iPadBeatMaking and decided to have a go at making something in NS2 using only built in sounds*...and well, all I can say is that I miss this app. It always surprises me with how efficient it is at making grooves and music.

Anyhoo, here's the video:

*Note: the drums are a set of 3 loops exported from GrooveBox and brought in to Slate.


  • And another one from today:

  • Nice - thanks for sharing :smiley:

    I have been thinking hard about buying Turnado, but it's not cheap... Do people get enough use out of it to make it worthwhile, in your opinion, please? And are the effects high quality, low on artifacts, smooth during sweeps for example? Or am I likely to just leave it sitting there, unused?

    Opinions please!

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    Turnado is great and it is probably only one AUfx which you can "automate" in NS thanks to it's unique ability of mapping particular note velocity to knob value - so you can using notes/velocities in NS sequencer control Turnado's knobs...

    @echoopera i like the way how you combine various apps in creative way (i'm teffering also to your AB forum thread) and result is always great - which is this case too ... another nice tune !

  • Thanks @dendy - I think I'll have to buy it then :smile:

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