Note repeat is possible but out of sync

Hi I have a Akai Mpk mini 2 and Lpd8 wireless controller. Ive discovered that note repeat works by going in my akai controller editor and changing the midi clock to external and tempo to whatever NS2 is. However the problem is that i would have to go into my editor on my computer and change the tempo to sync with an accurate performance every time i start a new project. I know Ns2 doesn't provide note repeat besides drawing it in but to my akai users do you guys know if i can work around this since it is possible to note repeat but very inconvenient.

Is there a way that i don't have to set the tempo all the time on the editor?

Is this because Ns2 doesn't have a midi clock sync?

Is there an app to achieve syncing the timing correctly with my Akai controllers ?


  • In case Akain MPK MINI 2 supports Ableton LINK, this should be in theory easy - just enable link on MPK and in nanodutio and tempo change in one should affect tempo in other

    In case not, then you should try IOS app "LINK TO MIDI" - it translated Ableton LINK to MIDI clock sync .. in this case enable LINK in NS, run that app, select midi output port in that app "MPK MINI 2" and it should syncs tempo ... It's theory though, didn't tried it.

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