Recording the midi output of AU Midi effects

I have searched, and found references to, the fact that there exists work arounds for recording an AU midi effects (for example, Rozeta Bassline) midi output into N2s sequencer. In one reference the author suggests using AUM to host the AU and to use it to route the AUs midi into N2s sequencer, and I have found that work around to work fairly well. My question now is for anyone who uses this method, how do you handle actually pressing the record button in NS2, then switching over to AUM to actually start the midi plugin? In my situation I’m using an app called ChordPadX, which has to be played by hand. My current process is to begin in NS2 by pressing record, then switching over to AUM and opening ChordPadX, then playing the chord pads, which records the notes into the track sequencer of NS2. When I’m done I then switch back to NS2 to stop recording. In order to accomplish this I have a long count in set in NS2. Is there a better way of accomplishing this process? I’m not the smartest individual when it comes to midi routing and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    If you're hosting the midi plugin in AUM, that's the only way to manage it, at least until NS2 supports Link Start/Stop.

    Here's one way to do it all within NS2 (sort of).

    1. Open NS2 and AUM
    2. Add NS2 to a track in AUM. You don't need to do do anything with this track, it's just there to keep the midi flowing when you switch to NS2.
    3. Open the routing screen in AUM and route AUM Destination to Nanostudio 2
    4. Add the plugin you want to play in an NS2 track.
    5. Set the track to receive midi always.
    6. Add a midi-out track in NS2 and add the AU midi plugin to it in the MIDI FX tab.
    7. Set this track midi input to On-Screen Keys Only, set MIDI output to AUM.
    8. Press record. The midi plugin output will be recorded now.
    9. You should now disable the midi plugin to avoid doubled notes.

    There will be a certain amount of latency in this routing process, unfortunately. You won't likely notice it if record quantize is turned on, but you'll see it in the piano roll if not.

    There are other ways to do this as well, but all involve routing the midi out of NS2 and back into it.

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    To reduce latency and simply setup, you can:

    1. Add a track or the plugin you want to play
    2. Set this track to receive midi always.
    3. Add a midi out track
    4. Add the MIDI Route plugin from MIDI Tools Suite as a MIDI Fx.
    5. Set the Destination in MIDI Route to NanoStudio 2
    6. Set MIDI Input for this track to On-screen Keys Only
    7. Press Record.

    Unfortunately MIDI Route is only available for iPad though.

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    number37 thanks for the reply, that definitely answers a lot of other questions I had also. I was thinking about getting the MIDI Route app but wasn’t sure how to go about setting that up. I’m going to try both and see if I can deal with the latency of the first option. Thanks again!

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