Hello everyone. The reason that I keep my 2010 iPad 1 charged is so that I can still use NanoStudio 1. I have composed loads of ambient stuff on that app which I generally use for my drone videos. It's my favourite iOS music app by a long way.

I'm very excited about NS2 having just downloaded it and from a brief 30 minute noodle, it appears to be amazing.
The future looks very promising with the addition of audio recording etc. I hope you're all well and enjoying this fantastic new app as much as I am.

All the best



  • Hi Les! Welcome to the Blip Interactive forums! :)

  • Hello Les, nanostudio 2 songs megathread is waiting for your music :) Hope you will hape lot of fun with NS2

  • Hi Les,

    Thanks for posting this, I was wandering the other day how suitable NS2 would be for ambient stuff and still hoping for a quick AU midi implementation (because of those cool inspiring and generating sequence tools, Autony, Riffer, Rozeta and therof)
    I would love to hear some of your ambient NS1/2 productions. Feel free to link me somewhere, mate!

    Best regards, David

  • @LesT Hi Les. Welcome! Just FYI, if you want to get a lot of comments on your posts, it’s good to make as many comparisons as possible between Nanostudio and Beatmaker 3. Instant popularity!

    (I kid, I kid!)

  • Hi @LesT don’t listen to @kleptolia - giving away free mince pies is the road to popularity here....have fun :)

  • @LestT Don't listen both of them, they both are making yokes which are referring to some past discussions here :-)

  • @LesT Welcome!
    @Fruitbat1919 I'm still waiting for my mince pie. Are more in the oven...?

  • edited December 2018

    @SlapHappy said:
    @LesT Welcome!
    @Fruitbat1919 I'm still waiting for my mince pie. Are more in the oven...?

    I sent them via sleigh :)

  • Hiya @LesT. Also, meet the similarly named @LeeB who also used Nanostudio 1 to create ambient tracks for his drone footage. :)

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