Praise for Platinum Audio Labs

I mean.... I’m just constantly blown away by the quality of their programming and samples. And the fact that so much of these presets don’t rely on samples, but on Obsidians real-time synthesis is really impressive and a super useful as a way of learning the ins and outs of the synth. The love and thought just oozes out of these packs.


  • This ! Really cool stuff !

    And did you check Platinumaudiolabs NS2 youtube tutorials ? Good stuff too !

  • I agree, It’s nothing short of sensational

  • I'm a fan of PAL's work as well. Really great sounds!
    And I love the videos too. :-)

  • +1 plus

  • I am loving these drum kits, great tuts as well!

  • Just wanted to add my praise here! I just purchased both acoustic soundpacks and I’m very pleased, exactly what I’ve been needing. Not sure why I waited so long. Such amazing quality and thanks for StevePals hard work. Very happy customer(musician) here,

  • @Arpseechord great, just spread words on social networks, that's best thing you can so for @StevePAL ;)

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