Cray23 - Identity unknown

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After recent fight with Facebook and my account being taken down! I successfully gain access to it and can officially keep my made up artistic name:DDD I decided to call this one Identity unknown!!! For all those people who are asked to change their name for real one and being ask to provide photo of your ID cards, bank statements etc then DONT! Facebook doesn’t have right to know if you don’t won’t them to know!!! End of it. Can forward conversation as I was taking screens of it in case I would need to take it further:D
Anyway here it is! Made in NanoStudio 2 with one instance of moog model D, some Blackhole, few Stark instances and using snippets of KRS-One SoundOfDaPolice also this bastard took around 76-84% at peak?never happened before really I guess Blackhole and model d are heavy (I’m on iPad Pro 10’5 )


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    Nice tune. I got a iPad Pro 10.5”

  • That is bangin!

    You’ve really nailed your art with this style of music. I’m digging it massively 👍🏼

  • @LeeB wow I’m really happy that you like whole package;) it does make me want to do more!:)

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