USB power and charging for iPad

Hi everyone, I hope it's ok to post this here. I'm building a live rig consisting of an Alesis V mini 25 and an iPad running NS2. I want to be able to charge the iPad, and provide a powered USB port for the Alesis. Does anyone know if something like this exists? I've got a lightning to USB adapter, but it doesn't allow for the iPad to charge. Thanks in advance :)


  • Ah, just found this at Amazon:

    It will give me a USB port to which I can connect a powered hub for the Alesis, a headphone jack for audio out, and a passthrough lightning connection for charging the iPad :sunglasses:

  • You got a watch out for those aftermarket USB lightning adapter chargers, there’s a good chance it might not work as good as the Apple one.

  • @BjørnFelle

    In case you decide to buy it, let is know if there no issues (holding fingers for seamless run)

  • Thanks guys. It has good reviews so hopefully will work well. Even if it’s just a cheap POC to then invest in the more expensive Apple unit if necessary. I’ll report back once it has arrived :)

  • Well it works perfectly! I had to use a powered hub for my Alesis controller, but in combination with the adapter I posted above, it all works perfectly. I can charge the iPad, and use my USB controller, and use the audio output on the adapter too. So I've done the only sensible thing and built a live rig out of Lego B)

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