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  • Yes this would be great! Curve adjustments like the decay envelope on obsidian with the node to drag an exp/lin curve are already there so hopefully shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Love to see Obsidian with its own automation lanes like this, al…
  • Yes, this feature would be great, please add!
  • Do you have the same iPad as me? (iPad Pro 2018 11 inch)? @toneman said: No crackling with iVCS3, or any AU for me. I have not tried any mix downs with pitched VCS3 patches tho. All my VCS3 stuff is ambient sfx, and the majority of factory …
  • The latest one (12.1.3) but it was present since I installed NS2 under 12.1 I think @qbassa said: I also have ipad pro 11” (2018). What iOS ver do you have. There were some critical bugs in 12.1 that introduced audio clicks / drops
  • Thanks for the support this is so much better than the BM3 forum where my issue was ignored. Yes it still crackles from speakers as well and still persists when it’s the only AU in the project with the iVCS3 as well as the other plug ins on your lis…
  • Yes just did now. Confirms my issue. I will be patient and wait for updates. Thanks, I quickly looked through the threads but didn’t see this one. @dendy said: @dflux did you read my post and link above ?
  • Yes I have switched it to high even, which I shouldn’t have to because I have a iPad Pro 11 model. This thing is more powerful than some laptops. BeatMaker can handle them with 128 or 256 with no issue, so I think it’s definitely a NS2 issue. …