Beat-synced delay effect questions

I might be missing something, but NS1's delay effect had 1/4D and 1/8D options for beat-synced rate. In NS2, I can't find a way to do the dotted delays. Is it not implemented?

Also, when using beat-synced delay, why do 1/1 and 1/2 sound the same? I would expect 1/1 to delay for one bar, but it delays for hlaf a bar. Is that a bug?


  • You can do all doted / tripled timings NS just uses different notation ... here is translation table, you can create presets in insert delay effects if you want ;)

    1/2D == 3/4
    1/4D == 3/8
    1/8D == 3/16
    1/16D == 3/32

    1/2T == 4/12
    1/4T == 2/12
    1/8T == 1/12
    1/16T == 1/24

    Also, when using beat-synced delay, why do 1/1 and 1/2 sound the same?

    Ehm where it sounds same ? Tried it in both Obsidian and insert delay FX and it correct

  • 1/2D == 3/4, etc

    Oh, perfect. Thanks. I never thought to set both sides of the fraction to a number other than 1.

    Ehm where it sounds same?

    I don't have a way to share a sample right now, but here's my repro:

    • Go to Patch > Hamburger menu > Init
    • Go to FX > Delay
    • Enable Delay
    • Set rate to 1/1 and press a key
    • Set rate to 1/2 and press a key
    • They sound exactly the same for me.
  • They sound exactly the same for me.

    By which I mean I get the echo half a beat later in both cases.

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    are sure you did set (1) and not (2) ??

    (1) - delay time
    (2) - difference between left and right channel

    Another question - did you in reased "feedback" knob ? by default it is on zero so you hear just single delay...

  • Here is a video of my repro steps above:

  • Wow now i see it... yes there is bug, 1/1 delay in obsidian makes acrually 1/2 delay... insert Delay FX is OK

    Thanks for reporting this !

  • Glad to help. I did spot a tiny UI error that I should post about. I'll keep my eyes open for anything else.

    I'm a software developer by day, so I understand what an acheivement this app is. I have cited it at work as an example to back up my own design decisions :)

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