Glide in Obsidian is broken in current version - SOLVED

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I apologise in advance if this was reported elsewhere. Basically, I'm running iPadOS 13.2 on a current gen iPad Mini with 256gb storage using the latest version of Nanostudio (2.1.0). Basically, glide in Obsidian is broken and not functioning correctly at all. Try laying down one note overlapping another note. It does this weird arpeggio thing instead of gliding from one note to the next. Turning off legato doesn't do anything. Adjusting the time doesn't do anything.

This is a major bug that breaks a lot of my patches as I use glide a lot to produce interest in my melodies. Could a quick update patch be made to fix this please? I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    can you upload some patch which illustrates issue ? trying it on both iPhone and iPad and glide works like expected for me...

  • Working fine for me. Checked my own and factory patches.

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    Strange. Now it's working again. I closed out NS2 entirely and reopened it, and it seemed to fix the problem. When I first opened NS2, I started a new track, and started building Obsidian patches for it. That's when I noticed the glitch with Glide.

  • ok:) hope it was just random glitch in Matrix :)

  • @dendy said:
    ok:) hope it was just random glitch in Matrix :)

    I think it was. By the way, I just finished my first iPhone-only track. x'D It wasn't really a challenge given how NS2 works exactly like it does on my iPad as well as just how powerful the iPhone 11 is. :open_mouth:

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